A nice and safe trip is a well-planned trip

Exploring the islands of the St. Lawrence is not without risk. Access to hospital in a timely manner is jeopardised by the secluded nature of the islands. Always adopt a safe behaviour. Your security is your responsibility.

Search and rescue operations are at the charge of the grantee

Consider buying an insurance that covers evacuation and transportation to hospital.

Be informed

Take into consideration all risks associated to outdoor activities in remote places. Find out about the skills needed to achieve the activities planned during your stay. Know where you are going: study the maps, the field constraints and the amenities offered. The Duvetnor personal can answer your questions about safety.

Foreseen what is ahead

Make a list of what you should bring along with you. Don’t forget to include your medicine (tablets, pumps, Epipen…). Don’t count on your cell phone; networks are not reachable in some parts of the islands.

Share your information

Tell your family or friends about your plans. Let our staff knows about relevant health issue (allergies, heart condition, sleep apnea…).

Be respectful

Follow guidance and advice from the staff and respect your limits.