Île aux

Île aux Lièvres

How do we access to île aux Lièvres?

Access to île aux Lièvres is by boat from the marina of Rivière-du-loup. Duvetnor is the only organism allowed to offer boat crossing to the island.

What is the duration of the boat crossing?

Normally, the boat crossing to île aux Lièvres last from 30 to 40 minutes. Duvetnor’s boats are rapid, modern and efficient. They are also safe, being inspected and approved by Transports Canada upon commissioning and by Transports Québec every year. They have an enclosed cabin with comfortable seats and are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication devices. Our crews have been sailing in the area for twenty-five years, so you can count on their experience!

Is there a convenience store or a restaurant on the island?

You can buy snacks and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages at the Café de la Grande Course (you cannot take alcoholic drinks outside the Café).

Can we bring our own wine?

You can bring your wine if you are renting a cottage or camping on the island. However, our SAQ licence does not allow us to let you bring your wine in the dining room and on the terrace of the Auberge du Lièvre or the Café de la Grande Course. On the other hand, a broad selection of wines is available to sell for on-site consumption.

Can we eat at the Auberge du Lièvre even if we are not lodging at the Inn ?

Auberge du Lievre’s dining room is opened only for the visitors staying at the Inn. However, the Café de la Grande Course is open to everyone no matter if you are lodging on the island or just visiting for a day. If you are looking for a place to relax after a long hike, the Café de la Grande Course is the right place for you. The menu includes hot and cold beverages, beer, soup and sandwiches.

Is swimming allowed ?

It is not prohibited to swim in the surrounding water, although you might find the water a bit cold even during the hot summer days.

Are campfires allowed?

Campfires are allowed only in firepits provided on camping sites. Thus, beach bonfires are prohibited. Particular attention should be paid on campfire safety: never leave the fire unattended and make sure to have properly extinguished it before you leave. Campfires are strictly prohibited when an open air fire ban by SOPFEU is in effect.

Do you accept credit and/or debit cards?

Yes, cards and PayPass are now accepted at the Café de la Grande Course and at the Auberge du Lièvre.

Do we have access to safe drinking water on the island?

Safe drinking water is supplied to the Auberge du Lièvre Inn, the cottage, the La Plage Campground as well as the common amenities by a water treatment and distribution system authorized by the Ministère du Développement durable, Environnement et Lutte contre les changements climatiques. On the Anse à la Boule, Les Cèdres and Les Bélugas campgrounds only raw water is provided. At these sites, you should purify the water in order to make it suitable for consumption.

Is there any Wi-Fi hotspot accessible on the island?

The Café de la Grande Course and the Auberge du Lièvre provide free but limited Internet access through Wi-Fi.

Can we recharge electronic devices on the island?

Due to its high energy consumption, using heating devices such as hair dryer, coffeemaker and toaster is forbidden on the island. However, you may recharge your camera batteries or your computer without any problem.

Is a cooler considered as a luggage?

Yes. Two luggages per person are allowed, including a cooler.

If we rent a cottage and there is a vacant room can it be occupied by a third party?

No. You have the exclusivity on the cottage you rent, no matter if you are alone, in couple or four persons.

Is it possible to visit the Phare du Pot while we are staying on île aux Lièvres?

Yes, sea excursions from île aux Lièvres are offered when tide allows. See schedule and rates on site.

Is there a fee for the washroom and shower facilities?

No. All the sanitary facilities are free of charge including the shower.

Please note

Trails are not daily patrolled. Only hikers willing to face wilderness difficulties and challenges should hit the trails. For your safety, always carry a fully charged cell phone and make sure to have enough water. Do not forget to sign in (and out) on the hiking logbook located at the Café de la Grande Course if you are a lone hiker.  Thunderstorm safety tips are displayed at the reception office read it before you hit the trails.