Should we book well in advance?

It is strongly recommanded to book your stay well in advance. RESERVATIONS FOR THE COTTAGES WILL START ON MARCH 13 2023 AT 8H30 AM BY PHONE ONLY. We will start taking reservations for the Auberge du Lièvre on March 20, the camping sites on March 27, and the Lighthouse on April 3, always by phone.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes. At all times you can buy a gift certificate either for a full package or a nominal amount.

Can we access ashore on the islands by our own means?

No.To ensure visitors’ safety, only Duvetnor’s boats are allowed to dock on the islands.

Where should we go in order to register before departure?

You should make sure to register at the reception office located at the entrance to the marina of Rivière-du-Loup before you go on board.

Where can we park?

A free and secure parking lot located just a few steps away from the boarding dock and the reception office is available to all of our visitors.

In case of emergency, what phone number could we provide to our family in order to reach us?

At time of booking, ask our staff to provide you with this information.

What should we bring to the island?

It is advisable to pack a rain jacket, rain boots, hiking shoes or boots, sunblock and mosquito-repellent as well as your binoculars and identification guides if you are a bird lover. Don’t forget your camera!

Should we bring our own life jacket?

No. All boats are equipped with certified adults’ and children’s lifejackets. However, there is no requirement for passengers to wear lifejackets during travel. All safety instructions will be delivered prior to departure.

Is biking allowed on the islands?

No. For respect to wildlife and hikers sharing the path, biking is not allowed. We can store your bike in Rivière-du-Loup during your stay.

Are pets allowed?

No. To prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and for respect to other visitors, pets are prohibited on the islands. However, guide or service dogs identified by Mira’s scarf are allowed.

Do cellular networks cover the island?

Partly. The quality of the reception is better near the shores. You might encounter some difficulties in the middle of the island or under thick canopy.

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

It varies with years and they are mainly active in June.

Is fishing allowed on the islands?

L’île aux Lièvres as well as the îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie are mainly designated as a specific protection zone (Zone II) by the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park. Subsequently, harvesting activities such as fishing are prohibited by law.

Can we fly a drone?

Flights of unmanned drones are prohibited within the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park boundaries including above île aux Lièvres and îles du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie.

Is gathering plants allowed on the islands?

Gathering fruits and other comestible plants is prohibited, except for immediate consumption. Keep in mind, though, that whether you are an expert hiker, an avid nature lover or simply a curious visitor, once you step foot on the islands you are taking an active role in helping protect the natural habitats. Thus, a responsible behavior (staying on the hiking trails, avoiding trampling of plants, not removing natural elements…) is highly encouraged.

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs

Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and the use of cannabis is only allowed in designated areas. Duvetnor do not tolerate that people visiting the islands being impaired by alcohol or drug use including cannabis. If a client does not respect the rules and behaves in a way that he could be a safety risk for himself or others due to his consumption of alcohol or drugs, Duvetnor reserves the rights to expel this person without refunds.