Duvetnor engagement

Duvetnor is engaged in taking all possible measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission among employees and visitors. We developed our protocol based on guidelines established by Santé Publique and Alliance touristique du Québec.

No contact services

All payments must be made in advance. We modified our registration procedures to reduce crowding in our Rivière-du-Loup facilities.
We have also implemented specific guidelines for transportation by boat including compulsory wear of facial mask.

Sanitary environment

We modified our welcome procedures upon arrival on Île aux Lièvres to respect a 2-meter distance among visitors. Special measures are taken for cleaning sanitary facilities and all cottages will be left idle for 24 hours between rentals.

Staff training

All employees have been trained to apply prevention measures and we have designated specific persons to supervise the implementation of the protocol among staff and visitors.

What we expect from our clients

We expect that our clients will be respectful about sanitary measures implemented to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. We will ask all visitors to fill a questionnaire before departing for île aux Lièvres and we wish that you will be honest when answering questions. Any cases of COVID transmission among employees or clients could force us to end our touristic activities for the summer.