Île aux Lièvres


The Duvetnor experience

High quality education programs, minimal impact on the environment and a deep appreciation of the islands heritage are part of the Duvetnor experience. We have developed and maintained high standards in our customer services and this is our pledge to each visitor. Several activities are proposed: initiation to astronomy, botany, geology or ornithology. Whether you are staying at the Auberge, in the cottages or are camping, come and discover the fauna and flora of Île aux Lièvres. Upon your arrival, you can ask Duvetnor staff about the activities offered during your stay. The 2020 alendar will be posted in April. All activities are free.

A photo exhibit about the last century activities on Île aux Lièvres and at the Île du Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie lighthouse is presented in Les Eiders room at the Auberge. Audioguide handsets are available at the Café. The large format pictures are enhanced by the artistic work of Danièle Lauzon (Èle).