Île aux Lièvres, an incredible hiker’s paradise!

Tapered at the ends, this island reminds some of a ship, while others consider it the world’s smallest continent! An impressive 13 kilometers in length, it cannot be fully explored in one day. Discover natural lookouts, explore deserted beaches edged in brier roses, find a seal dozing on the upper part of the beach… Both wild and inviting, Île aux Lièvres will enchant you.

Ten kilometers across the water from Rivière du Loup, Île aux Lièvres is one of the best kept secrets of the estuary! Get there in just twenty minutes aboard a Duvetnor boat. The network of hiking trails is vast and diverse (45 km), with trails ranging in difficulty from novice to expert, the level of each clearly marked on the map you will receive upon landing. As a bonus, there are no dangerous animals, no stinging plants (no poison ivy, in particular), and far fewer mosquitoes than on the coast. Plus, refreshing ocean breezes, dwarf forests, escarpments, endless beaches, driftwood… And yes-scores of memories to be made (camera a must)!

Further information


  • You must made reservations for the crossing to Ile aux Lièvres. Reservations for the daily excursions will begin on May 3rd. 


  • Interpretation booth.
  • Drinking water near the dock.

Boat crossing terms

The boat crossing schedule varies with tide. Exact departure and return times for a selected day will be provided when you make reservations.

Tour duration

You will spend between 3 and 9 hours on the island depending on the day and the tide. See the 2021 schedule for availability:

Cancellation policy

Once you have confirmed your reservation, you may not cancel it due for instance to inclement weather or rough sea. Because the number of places is limited, the total amount must be paid upon reservation with no possible reimbursement.

General terms

  • Gathering fruit is prohibited, except for immediate consumption.
  • Disturbing the wildlife and fishing are prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Biking is not allowed on Île aux Lièvres. We can store your bike in Rivière-du-Loup during your stay on Île aux Lièvres.
  • Sea kayaking from or around Île aux Lièvres is not allowed.
  • Hiking
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2021 RATES

($ per person round-trip)
  • Boat crossing /4 June - 26 September
    $ 50$ 25
Taxes extra * Child = 12 or under