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Meet our team

The passionate people presented here show the warmth, good humour, and enthusiasm of our team. They are the backbone of this small organisation. Duvetnor owes its success primarily to their committed participation.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Mélodie Lachance

Mélodie Lachance

Île-aux-Lièvres manager

Mélodie swam and sailed through Australia before coming to the islands and joining us in 2016 as the manager of the Pot à l’Eau-de-Vie lighthouse. With her training in international tourism and hotel management, Mélodie manages the supply chain management’ and logistics related to visitor reception, accommodation, and catering on Île-aux-Lièvres. She is the mother of two toddlers and has tremendous energy! If you talk to her about ecology, history, lighthouses or navigation, you will see her eyes light up. Maritime landscapes and close contact with marine mammals are now part of her daily life. Her goodwill, exceptional hospitality, and passion for the St. Lawrence River make Mélodie a precious resource.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Christian Boulet

Christian Boulet

Ship captain

Christian, a biologist by training, took up the position of captain in 1998. As owner of the Chantauvent sailboat, he has sailed many many hours on the St. Lawrence River as well as in South America, where he spends his winter months with his dog Morgan. Bohemian by nature, he also enjoys the solitude of his cabin in the heart of the forest by Lake Malobèse. Calm and joyful, Christian inspires confidence and navigates the sometimes rough waters with ease. He is easily recognizable by his legendary braid.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Olivier St-Pierre

Olivier St-Pierre

Foreman and ship captain

Olivier took up his position in 1999 after studying wildlife conservation. Very versatile and curious, he quickly became indispensable. He has a wealth of knowledge and is involved in many of the Society’s activities, including infrastructure construction, design of electrical systems, water filtration, eiderdown harvesting, and navigation of our boats. Island life has many challenges that he gladly takes on to improve the experience of our visitors. When he is not behind the wheel of a boat, you can find him on his motorcycle or heading out to the family cabin!

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Jean Bédard

Jean Bédard

Founder and CEO

Jean is a biologist by training and first became interested in the ecology of seabirds during his graduate and postdoctoral studies which led him around the world. His research has been published in numerous international scientific journals. In 1979, he founded the Société Duvetnor with a few biologist friends. By developing various activities, Jean wanted to share his passion so that visitors gained a greater understanding and respect for nature, and a desire to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. His training as a professor makes him an excellent communicator. A hard worker, he is an inspiration and role model for those who want to make a difference in wildlife conservation and public awareness.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Sylvie Marchand

Sylvie Marchand


Sylvie worked in regional tourism before joining Duvetnor in 2001. She is one of our most loyal employees. With her abundant goodwill, she is a maternal figure for all the staff. Although her role is mainly associated with numbers and managing the supply of materials and food that is delivered to the islands, she takes great pleasure in taking reservations and chatting with customers. A great lover of animals, she divides her time between the office and her stable, where she spends many hours feeding and caring for her horses.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Marc-Philippe Christophe

Marc-Philippe Christophe

Assistant foreman

Marc-Philippe joined the technical team in 2011 after studying geography/environment. A colourful and expressive character, he will charm you with his infectious laughter! Owner of Le septième ciel sailboat and a new dad, Marc enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time. He can sometimes be heard singing around sunset by the employees’ house to entertain his colleagues. A great lover of nature, he quickly fell under the spell of the Bas-Saint-Laurent and the beautiful Mélodie, and together they have started their family.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Mélanie Doré

Mélanie Doré

Communications and marketing

Mélanie studied public communications and joined our team in 2002. If you are familiar with her name, it is because you probably chatted with her on the phone or by email, or because she welcomed you when you arrived at our office. Her customer knowledge is surprising. She is very pleased and proud to help you make the most of your visit. She is behind all of our promotional and recruitment campaigns that you see on social media. She is not the best sailor, but she can be found on her paddleboard on the River during beautiful summer days.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - David Levesque

David Levesque


David joined the permanent technical team at Île-aux-Lièvres in 2009 before his training course that focused on the maintenance and mechanics of our boats. With a background in visual arts and art history, he is now thriving with his new responsibilities. In addition to the engines that have revealed their secrets to him, David devotes himself to the restoration of his home and his passion for making craft beer.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Francis Dufresne

Francis Dufresne

Ship captain

Francis has been working with us since 2007. With more than 30 years of experience on commercial fishing boats and excursion boats in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Francis no longer counts the roundtrips made between his native Gaspésie at Rivière-du-Loup to come and work with us during the summer.  Known for his unusual sense of duty, he is a major asset to our team. His charming accent, his typically Gaspesian expressions and his sense of humour make him a particularly endearing person.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Sylvain Dorey

Sylvain Dorey

Ship captain

Originally from France, Sylvain joined our staff in 2017. His studies in integrated wildlife management led him to Quebec’s North Shore before discovering the Bas-Saint-Laurent. His career, since his hiring, has been constantly evolving. Always willing and enthusiastic about sailing, Sylvain naturally became a senior guide and quickly expressed his desire to be behind the wheel of a boat as captain. Currently in training, Sylvain divides his time between interpretation and navigation. Owner of the small Jonas sailboat, he takes advantage of every moment to enjoy sailing.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Michèle Pelletier

Michèle Pelletier

Cleaning and production manager of eiderdown

Michèle has been with Duvetnor since 2003. You will not run into her on the islands since she is hidden in our eiderdown cleaning warehouse facilities, located near Rivière-du-Loup. After studying microbiology, Michèle joined our team and manages the down cleaning process for marketing. It is a unique, solitary, and specialized work that requires a lot of attention to detail; few people in Quebec have such a unique role.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Rémy Laflamme

Rémy Laflamme

Assistant foreman

Rémy is currently working with the Île-aux-Lièvres technical crew after starting as a cook in 2018. With training in both cooking and butchery and wildlife protection and exploitation, he quickly dropped the apron and reoriented himself to island maintenance. You will probably meet him at the bend of a path with his camera chasing the birds. He will be happy to tell you about his feathered companions!

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Marie-Reine Thériault

Marie-Reine Thériault

Cleaning of eiderdown assistant

Marie-Reine joined our team at the down warehouse facilities in 2016. She worked for a long time in horticulture in several greenhouses in the region before making a complete career change and arrived at Duvetnor. Do not be fooled by her small size because she can move mountains by herself! She loves to work so much that she doesn’t seem to notice the passing hours. Her strength, perseverance, and her mischievous side make her a highly regarded member of the team.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Arianne Jacques

Arianne Jacques

Reception and Café Île-aux-Lièvres

Arianne is newly graduated in natural sciences applied to the environment. She joined our team in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. As soon as she arrived, she was immediately adopted! With bright eyes, always in a good mood, Arianne spared no effort to pamper the guests. She is trustworthy and full of common sense. In addition to her endearing personality, she has the health of the planet and humans at heart. She has a green thumb and a great passion for plants. She spends as much time as possible in nature.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Marika Milani

Marika Milani

Auberge du Lièvre manager

Marika joined Duvetnor in the summer of 2020 during the pandemic. After completing her bachelor’s degree in dance, she embarked on a career in events, from a street restaurant in France to festivals in Quebec. Since her arrival on the island, she has continued to discover new names of birds and plants, which she sometimes renames in her own way, and never misses a sunset. She also has a real talent for pastries, much appreciated by both clients and colleagues. Her boundless energy, thirst for knowledge, and contagious good mood make her a person everyone loves.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Marie-Félixe D’Amours

Marie-Félixe D’Amours

Reservation clerk

Marie-Félixe who is pursuing translation studies at Université de Sherbrooke joined Duvetnor in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 as part of the office staff. With her experience in tourism, she quickly adapted to the whirlwind of reservations and daily greetings of customers. Her professionalism as well as her sense of responsibility impress us each day. Besides her skill with words, she is also very talented with sewing.

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Phillip Coquereau

Phillip Coquereau

Chef - Auberge du Lièvre

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Étienne Lajoie-Asselin

Étienne Lajoie-Asselin

Café de la Grande Course

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Alain Gascon

Alain Gascon

House keeping

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Roch-Olivier Bernard

Roch-Olivier Bernard

House keeping

Photo du membre de l'équipe - Jean-Gabriel Morin

Jean-Gabriel Morin

Café de la Grande Course