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12.05.2017 / ,

Hiking on Île aux Lièvres

For this summer, the WIXXMAG magazine journalist, Anne-Marie Parent, suggests discovering the hiking trails on Île aux Lièvres. Click here for more details about our hiking activities. ...Read more

23.03.2017 / ,

A new travel book highlights Île aux Lièvres!

Testé et approuvé: le Québec en plus de 100 expériences extraordinaires is a new book written by 10 woman journalists specialised in travel. Under the direction of Marie-Julie Gagnon, they shared their favorite ...Read more

Air France Magazine
13.10.2016 / , ,

The Pot à L’Eau-de-Vie Lighthouse featured in Air France Magazine

The Pot à L'Eau-de-Vie Lighthouse is among ten "Singular places" selected by Air France Magazine in its October 2016 issue. You can read what Léa Outier has to say about it in her column entitled Island ...Read more